Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Fundraising news

Transport volunteer Kathy Grant is a retired nurse who scared of heights, so what better way to raise funds for us than... A SKYDIVE!

Kathy will be jumping out of a plane approx 2 miles above ground on Friday 13th September 2013 to raise funds Safe and Sound (Registered Charity no 1152935).

Please show your support by visiting Kathy's page & sharing it with your friends!

Kathy says:

"I am the wrong side of fifty, and a retired nurse. I have a family which consists of a husband, two daughters, two dogs, five cats, a horse, and nineteen chickens.

I am involved in the transport of stray/unwanted dogs from pounds to places of safety, where they can be assessed, treated by vets (if necessary, including neutering & microchipping) and rehomed.

Safe and Sound is an excellent small charity which works hard in this field, often funding emergency boarding for dogs.

I am afraid of heights, and am a big coward.  However, I will be jumping out of an aeroplane at 13,00 feet (approx. 2 miles high!), strapped to an experienced skydiver (hopefully!).   I am doing this for Safe and Sound, who rescue stray and unwanted dogs from Death Row pounds, something I feel strongly about, as these dogs are defenceless, and need our help.

Please sponsor me! Thank you! :-)"

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