Friday, 1 June 2012

Exciting times... or daunting ones?

We are busier than ever in terms of the sheer numbers of dogs we're being asked to help and the speed at which we need to help them.  The sheer numbers of dogs coming through the pounds means there is never a moment's rest, never a moment when we can forget about the dogs that need us.

This week we have had to cancel appearances at two dog shows which we were scheduled to attend shortly.  We simply don't have the time to spare.  Every second we have is dedicated to saving these dogs.

But that presents us with a real problem... It costs us anything between £60 and £150 to transport a dog to safety, neutering costs between £110 and £140 per dog.  Our costs are spiralling in line with the sheer volume of dogs coming through the pounds.

What to do?  Do we take time out to run the essential fundraising events we need to raise desperately needed cash?  Or do we save that dog that only has until tomorrow afternoon, that dog that noone else will help, if we don't?

So this week's task is to try and find ways of raising funds without having to hold events which will wipe out several of our very busy days - the dogs need us and we cannot take our eye of the ball for more than a couple of hours.

Today's mission?  To explore merchandising opportunities.

This is where I've got to so far...

Safe and Sound's Tshirt Factory

Thoughts please!

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