Saturday, 21 April 2012

Special Appeal

Stunning Samson and Ravishing Rio are now two of the longest residents at their pound.  We have had NO rescue interest in them and the months are steadily ticking by.

These boys are too fabulous leave locked away in a kennel for months and months on end, when we KNOW they will both make fantastic pets.

We cannot, we will not, leave them languishing in the pound with no hope of a future.

We are therefore launching a special appeal to get both Samson and Rio neutered. The hope is that this will make them much easier to place with rescues and hopefully shorten their stay at the pound. We need to raise £220 to neuter both dogs.

Can you donate just £1 towards Samson and Rio's neutering fund? Donations can be made via our website (bank transfer or via paypal):

PLEASE PLEASE share and crosspost!

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